Hershey Park Pennsylvania

One Spring evening, my mom, my two sisters, my step mom and I went to Hershey Park! We drove by the best chocolate smelling chocolate factory EVER!!!!!

When we got into the park, we went to chocolate world. We got to make are own chocolate bars ”Mmmmmmmm!” CHOCOLATE BARS! I yelled.  My miraculous chocolate bar had caramel chips, a milk chocolate base bar and rainbow sprinkles!

Also, we went on a tour! The tour showed us a slide of what the workers do! After the slide the tour keeps on going. We saw Hershey bars, Reeses cups, Hershey kisses and Hershey chocolate syrup!

After the tour, my whole family got mini milk chocolate bars! The next day, we went to the theme park. The beaming lights made the sky look like a pottery painting.

The ride that I like best is the Ferrinhight. Because it had a straight up pull that you don’t even have to turn your head to look up to the sky! Also it had loopty loops and after that ride, I had a tangy, raspberry slushy.

Lyric Drymon & The Amazing Guinea Pig Pepsi!

Hey fellow citizens! My name is Lyric. I am going to tell you a story that made my life even more happy that it seems to me! One morning, my mom said we were going to get guinea pigs! ”YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!” we all said.  When it was noon, we would all go. So I ate my lunch quick because I really wanted to get a guinea pig!

When it was time, we all went in the car and went to Petco to get our adorable guinea pigs! When we got there, I saw the guinea pig I wanted! But My Sister Emma wanted it. So that broke my heart.

But then, I was scrolling down the cages and I saw him! I saw the guinea pig I wanted snuggled with his best friend, HARMONY! I named him Pepsi!

Then my step mom took Pepsi’s best friend and told my sister and I that both of them are coming home with us! That’s when the whole family figured out the names for the guinea pigs! We got 6 of them: Cadberry, Pepsi, Squirrel, Vankmen, Speck and Deheasy! And now they live happily ever after!

The End 🙂

Camp Lincoln

When Mrs. Coronato pleasantly said we were going to Camp Lincoln, I felt filled with joy!  My favorite part of Camp Lincoln was the nature walk. All of it equaled 1 mile. We stopped in the middle of the woods and we looked at some cut down trees. The trees has rings in them. That tells you how old the trees were. The bottom of the trees looked colossal from the rings.  On the hike, we came really close to the lake, so one of us had to block the holes. We did that so people wouldn’t fall in! It was clear water. When we got to the end of the nature trail, we had tangy, minty tea! On our way back to camp, we said hi to some animals. We saw some goats that were trying to hop out of the fence.  I think they were trying to say hi to us.  When we got back, it was time to go. “BYE CAMP LINCOLN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” We said to the counselors as we waved from the bus.